Tutorial references


Tutorial references


Header Files in C

Header files

.h extension file is called header file in C.

example: stdio.h, math.h, string.h

Include all header files in top of your program.

use of header file

Header files contain definition of function and definition of macros.

Header files program you can use directly in your program.

Type of header file

There are two types of header files:

1. In-built header file

2. User define header file

NOTE: "User define header file" you can learn in next chapter. In this chapter you can learn "In-built header file"

Syntax to include in-built header file

#include <header file name with extension >

Example: #include <stdio.h>


without stdio.h header file you can not use bellow functions in your program:

printf(), scanf()


It contains functions for console input/output

some Important conio.h function: clrscr(), getch()

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