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C Programming Introduction

Programming language

A programming language is set of grammatical rules like "Sanskrit, Hindi and English Grammar" which is understand by Computing device(Computer).

Any programming language can be divided in two categories.

   1. Problem Oriented (High level language)

   2. Machine Oriented (Low level language)

But C is considered as a Middle level Language.

C language

C is a programming language.

It is a middle level programming language.

It is also called Mother language.

C is a well structured language compare to other.

ANSI established a standard for c in 1983.

Use of C

Good programmers learn it first.

C language can develop Operating System(OS) much easier.

Text editors are developed in C.

Language Compilers and Interpreters are developed in C.

C use for Drivers developing.

It can also be used for business and scientific application.

C Keywords

Keywords are the words whose meaning has already been explained to the C compiler.

There are only 32 keywords in 'C'. 27 keywords are given by 'Dennis Ritchie' and 5 is added by ANSI.

The keywords are also called ‘Reserved words’.

All keywords are lowercased.

Keywords cannot be used for any other purpose (like variable names).

auto double int struct
break else long switch
case enum register typedef
char extern return union
const float short unsigned
continue for signed void
default goto sizeof volatile
do if static while

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